Thursday, July 9, 2015

Scammers are Pests!!!

Besides the many spam emails a vintage and antiques seller receives in their business email mailbox, there is the occasional "scammer" in the mix! Here is a copy of the reply to mosiac artist Frederick Lecut's blogspot, MosiacBlues, that I posted. (In April, I had not thought of posting, that the same scammer had contacted me also.)

Hello Frederick!
I also was contacted by the notorious Nathan! I'm a collector and seller of vintage & antiques. He sent me an exact replica of the emails he sent you, as he couldn't be bothered to write anything original. I suspected he was a scammer from the start,and especially when he wanted me to pay shipping. A buyer pays shipping...not the seller! I sell mostly smalls, and I am my own shipping agent, with the assistance of my husband, with packing larger items and postal drop offs. Here is a copy of the last email I sent him on 4/15/15, which of course he never answered! LOL

Hi Nathan!
I do not use the product code numbers from the cube cart, for items; buyers usually ask with the item name.
I change the complete cost of the item, to include shipping to the overseas destination, which the customer pays through PayPal. I do not contact your agent for a shipping cost. I get that
from the U.S.P.S., or UPS international. I am “selling”, so “you” pay to ship. I am always using Google...
Vesakkotic 6719
is high in the search results.... with your name displayed!
And...”everyone” now-a-days ‘has’ a PayPal account.
Take care, Diane

Read Frederick's blog, as it is an interesting read. Scammers are still using the same old tactics time after time... "I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you!".... :O)

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