Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vintage Country Cottage In The Woods

Vintage Country Cottage was the fourth theme idea that I had for my vintage and antiques websites, but I just needed the proper site banner. On one of my estate sale jaunts, I found the perfect framed vintage print of a country cottage with surrounding dream of heaven!
And of course I had always liked vintage photos of ladies in their turn of the century garb (now last century!), so I thought a couple of younger ladies would look very much at home there! Vintage wreath and floral wallpaper, with the young ladies, some victrola music, and my direct links to the store, and other sites, welcome you on the main page.
At 'Cottage Comforts' you will find comfy handmade pillows.
'Linens and Lace' has dresser scarves, table runners, doilies, and lacy items for your perusal.
'Delectable Decorations' is where you will find pitchers, vases, vanity/candy dishes, and cake plates, to name a few.
'Gran's Kitchen' holds vintage linens, such as aprons, tea towels, tablecloths, and curtains, cups and saucers, serving dishes, and much, much more!

1940s Ladies Cotton Voile Butterfly Cocktail Apron at Gran's Kitchen

'Country Trappings' is where the down home country look can be found, such as a chenille country horse.

Vintage Chenille Bedspread Country Horse at Country Trappings

So...come down to my little Vintage Country Cottage in the woods, sit and visit a spell, and see what is going on in 'Gran's Kitchen'!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Vintage Crows Nest...

I have always had a luv of the sea and all things nautical! I'm very interested in the denizens of the deep, and those that wash up on the seashore!
On my third website, I want to feature unique things from vintage 1970's, all the way back to antiques from Victorian times, that have to do with the sea!
On the front page of the site you can see the site banner, which is U.S. Coast Guard life rings laid against a hammock, on the side of my back yard fence. Believe it or not...these were discards of my neighbor!
Next is a slideshow of photos taken at Mustang Island, of Bob Hall Pier. My Kodak Easyshare Camera was the best thing I could ever have purchased! All you have to do is point and click, according to my son! LOL
The background on the main page was made from a photo of my Wilendur Lobster towel, that I faded out...the photo...not the tea towel! LOL
The direct links to some of the listings are next. You can click on them and go directly to the item. Or, you can use the shop entrance on the banner at the top.
Then I have my email link, and links to my three other websites, and a link to the second page for my favorite links. The music player features a vintage song for your enjoyment!
The second page features a background from one of my beach photos...the waves and sand on the beach! The banner at the top has only one life ring, and the slideshow features photos of a really neat shop on Padre Island!
Another slideshow I made up features a seashell frame with a vintage 1950s couple from a Coca Cola ad. My email life ring, another favorite beach photo, links to the Vintage Tablecloth Lovers Club, Lace Fairy, Sherry's (Ebay ID - Vintagetresors) Vintage Barkcloth Style Names, links to other favorite sellers, and another player with a vintage sea related song, follow!
I had so much fun designing this website! And it gives me much satisfaction to see my ideas starting to come together, especially as I learned each step of the way!
So visit Captain Kidd's Treasure Chest for your favorite costume jewels, Anne Bonny's Booty for knick knacks for your home, Jean Lafitte's Galley for kitchenware, items, and vintage linens, Calico Jack Rackham's Locker for all your clothing needs (whether it be a bathrobe, belt, hat, or scarf), Henry Morgan's Cantina for all your barware needs, Black Beard's Cabin for everything you would find in a captain's cabin...(ie. vintage seashell mirror), and much, much more to come!

Vintage Nautical Tea Towel at Jean Lafitte's Galley

Vintage Nautical Bathrobe at Calico Jack Rackham's Locker