Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vintage And Antiques Can Blend With The New!

Vintage Mannequin Tea Party!

Julie: "I wonder when Cindy and Marie will arrive...the tea will get cold! My it 'is' warm in here!" (fanning herself vigorously!)

Josette: "Julie, why must you wear a 1920's hat, and jewelry, with 1940's gloves and purse? And you are using a 1960's fan!"
"At least my accessories are all from the 1940's! And my jewelry was featured in the 1947 movie 'Out Of The Past'! (her nose a bit in the air!)

Julie: "uumph!" (with a frown!)

Josette: "Do...do up your bracelet! It's come undone!"
"Your Hallowe'en jack-o-lantern cup is a bit gauche, don't you think? And I know you have chocolate bon bons in that pumpkin candy dish!" (with a slight grimace!)

Julie: "Oh...are you watching your weight?"

Julie 'does' have the right idea in this scenario! Vintage and antiques, from different eras, can blend together quite well, and also with more modern day items!
As you can see, Julie's blended ensemble looks very attractive, and the 1950's tablecloth in the background, adds an autumn harvest flair!