Saturday, September 11, 2010

Background Displays Catch The Eye!

When listing vintage / antique items for sale on your website, or online booth, or shop, the photos are extremely important! You want to attract the customer's attention...catch the eye!
Backgrounds and displays can be used to enhance your item, and correct the lighting for the photo. Vintage jewelry, especially with rhinestones, or vintage china and porcelain, can create glare. Your background setting will help correct this. Remember that white backgrounds reflect light, and black backgrounds will absorb it. Different textured backgrounds can change the look for a different style.
I find it is a continuous learning process. I've taken photos inside and out, and in various rooms of our home. A vintage handkerchief, fabric, or postcard, soft wallpaper, or wooden fence can make a difference!

Vintage 1950s Charel Marbelized Stone Earrings at Luv2LuvAntiques' Bonanzle Booth

Vintage 1940s - 1950s Floral Linen Napkins Pride Of Flanders at Luv2LuvAntiques' Bonanzle Booth

Vintage Faux Pearl Single Strand Beaded Necklace at

Vintage 1950s Donkey Planter Japan Mint Mexican Tex Mex at