Saturday, February 25, 2012

Selling Vintage and Antiques Sometimes Has It's Ups and Downs!

About a month ago, a person had contacted me, and told me to hold an item in my shop...not asked...TOLD me! They did not give a reason, or explanation. I replied that "I had never put anything on hold, and wasn't sure how to." Were they just 'window shopping' and comparing prices?
Then just before Valentine's Day, I received a message from a college student, who asked if I could hold a ring he wanted to buy for his fiancee, until his money came in. As I'm a luver of romance, and Valentine's Day, of course I said yes to holding it for a few days! It turned out that he was able to buy it even sooner!
Most sellers are very willing to work with customers, if they need a few days, but it must be a courteous, considerate exchange both ways...
To request to put a longer hold on an item, I personally could see the layaway idea on a more expensive item, especially not to tie up an item at the last part of a seasonal shopping period, and the seller misses out on a sale, if this person changes their mind....
A seller must do what they feel comfortable with.... and count to ten with the really frustrating people!
I try to be like the little cherub, who is the mascot of my shop, so I try to have patience, and keep my little red horns hidden! LOL It's the lovely, friendly customers, who share my luv of vintage, that make it all worth while! :O)