Thursday, December 10, 2009

Old Fashioned would not wait!

Even before I had completed the two pages of, became a reality. The picture of the Victorian Lady stood out in my mind, and I remembered my Gramma, and Grampa, in Edwardian clothing...
I must have a site that I could put vintage and antiques, from the '50's all the way back to the Victorian times...a good mixture of the family tree, so to speak! I decided to make it all flowery, and feminine, as there is at least a bit of that in every female!
I hope to showcase things my, and my husband's, aunts, uncles, parents, and grandparents use to value, or have in their time! Take a look at the shop categories, and you will see what I mean...
And I will also have a second page there, for my favorite sellers, and sites.
These beautiful 1800's Victorian Pink "Fish", Cased Glass, Salt and Pepper Shakers, from the Consolidated Lamp and Glass Company, are an excellent example of gorgeous Victoriana!

Antique Victorian Pink Fish Salt and Pepper Shakers at Miss Margaret's Dining Table

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Luv2LuvAntiques: How it all started....

I've always been an antique / vintage luver, and collector. Years ago, I bought antique furniture, refinished and repaired it if necessary, and resold it. I was always searching for vintage in antique stores, flea markets, junk shops, garage sales, and estate sales.
I had been a vendor at a local antique store, renting a little room, to display my vintage and antiques. This past March the shop closed, as did a few antique businesses, in our town.
I had sold part time on Ebay, and had opened a Bonanzle booth, and an Etsy shop, so I wasn't new to online selling. I felt I needed my own website, but what to do?
I checked into fancy photoshop programs, but the moderate priced one was over $750.00!
Instead I made payments on a super cool Kodak Easy Share Camera, that almost takes the photos for you!
I've learned more about html, rss feeds, gadgets, etc., and I'm still learning all the time!
I purchased five .com domain names, with the idea of using one for my website, and maybe keeping the others for a future investment. I started putting the html, photos, music, links, etc, together for .
My first customer told me that my website was really unique...not generic as all the other ones out there! I thought...what a compliment! But...what am I doing putting all those categories in my shop just like lists of things???? That is sooo generic!!!
I thought...what made me pick my little angel, as my trademark, in the first place? My love of angels of course! So, I did a little research to learn more about the 7 archangels...not just my favorites, Michael and Gabriel...and found that I did not even know their names! Religious scholars even disagree about the last 3 angels names! What a learning experience! I spent quite a few hours reading!
So, if you check out my main website at , take a look inside the shop at the categories. I think you will see something quite unique!
Here is one of the many surprises at!

Vintage 1930s Swallows Nest Quilt at Raphael's Linens & Quilts