Thursday, January 20, 2011

Luv2LuvAntiques Luvs Recycling And Saving Shipping Costs!

Luv2LuvAntiques strives to make unique, and lovely, vintage and antique items available, to those who share the luv of 'old things'! Along with decor items, many household, jewelry, and clothing items, still 'have alot of life in them yet'! They can be repurposed, as well as enjoyable to use in the home!
After the fun of 'treasure hunting' is done, photographing and describing each article of clothing, piece of jewelry, household linen, or barware item, (to name a few) down to the tiniest detail, is next. Following a purchase, after a long search for that special piece, the buyer expects safe delivery of their 'find'! This entails very careful packing of the favorite item!
Careful packing of a breakable article includes wrapping properly with tissue, or perhaps heavier paper, bubble wrap securing and cushioning the item, and plenty of styrofoam peanuts packing around it. The trick is to allow a large enough box, for adequate room around that 'precious cargo', while packing firmly in the box so it doesn't move around!
I have had a few purchases of mine arrive damaged and broken, and when it is a long searched for collectible or is heart breaking! That is why I pack like 'Fort Knox"!
Having always been 'big' on recycling, I'm all for saving money on shipping too. By reusing boxes, bubble wrap, and styrofoam peanuts, that has been received, you, and your buyer, can both save!
On the lighter side...the photo above is the top layer of styrofoam peanuts in a large green garbage bag. It looks fairly nice, doesn't it? Now here is the story...
My darling hubby thought I had 'snapped' when he saw me picking pieces of styrofoam peanuts out of a large box full of mixed packing (that had contained something I had purchased online), which included shredded newspaper, and chunks of styrofoam. He had asked me why I didn't just throw it out! But when I told him the cost of purchasing a bag of 'peanuts packing', he joined in, and became a 'peanuts picker', while we sat and watched an episode of the 'American Pickers"! :O)