Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Luv2LuvAntiques: How it all started....

I've always been an antique / vintage luver, and collector. Years ago, I bought antique furniture, refinished and repaired it if necessary, and resold it. I was always searching for vintage in antique stores, flea markets, junk shops, garage sales, and estate sales.
I had been a vendor at a local antique store, renting a little room, to display my vintage and antiques. This past March the shop closed, as did a few antique businesses, in our town.
I had sold part time on Ebay, and had opened a Bonanzle booth, and an Etsy shop, so I wasn't new to online selling. I felt I needed my own website, but what to do?
I checked into fancy photoshop programs, but the moderate priced one was over $750.00!
Instead I made payments on a super cool Kodak Easy Share Camera, that almost takes the photos for you!
I've learned more about html, rss feeds, gadgets, etc., and I'm still learning all the time!
I purchased five .com domain names, with the idea of using one for my website, and maybe keeping the others for a future investment. I started putting the html, photos, music, links, etc, together for www.luv2luvantiques.com .
My first customer told me that my website was really unique...not generic as all the other ones out there! I thought...what a compliment! But...what am I doing putting all those categories in my shop just like lists of things???? That is sooo generic!!!
I thought...what made me pick my little angel, as my trademark, in the first place? My love of angels of course! So, I did a little research to learn more about the 7 archangels...not just my favorites, Michael and Gabriel...and found that I did not even know their names! Religious scholars even disagree about the last 3 angels names! What a learning experience! I spent quite a few hours reading!
So, if you check out my main website at www.luv2luvantiques.com , take a look inside the shop at the categories. I think you will see something quite unique!
Here is one of the many surprises at www.luv2luvantiques.com!

Vintage 1930s Swallows Nest Quilt at Raphael's Linens & Quilts

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