Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Luv2LuvAntiques Loves Angels!

I had started the Luv2LuvAntiques website with the idea of blending my luv of antiques and vintage, with my love of angels. Do you believe in angels? I definitely do! I'll share something personal with you for a moment, but I promise not to get maudlin about it...meaning tearful, or overly emotional....
There were a few times during my life that I had what seemed like a deja vu moment, with a bright positive thought coming through afterwards, with a feeling of being safer and protected! At times of great stress, through tough times, it seemed like some little thing would reach me and touch my heartstrings...
One much more important instance, was years ago when my sons were children, and I was driving the van, with them in it, coming from our family doctor's office. I was stopped at the intersection waiting for the light to turn green. I always check both ways before I proceed, even with having the right of way. Something made me look to my left a little thought or message to look twice! I did, and slammed on the breaks! A car ran their red light at full speed! If I wouldn't have looked back, we would have been seriously injured, especially my son who was sitting in the seat behind me....
That is one instance that really stands out in my mind, as it involves my boys! There are quite a few more, but I'll tell you another extremely important one....
My eldest son, on his first tour of duty in Iraq, was with a combined small unit of soldiers, who were doing searches through part of the town. Two large groups of one enemy faction, came through the town and passed by on both sides of this small unit of men! When my son was able to make a phone call home, he told me about this. He said he had never prayed so hard in his life, and so had all of the unit! He told me how the enemy had not seen them at all, and they should have all been killed....
I told him that I had 'sent' my guardian angel over there to protect him.
I had prayed to my guardian angel, all the time he was over there, through three tours of duty, to watch over and protect my son. A friend of mine told me that she thought it was the hand of God, cloaking the soldiers to make them invisible to the enemy. I would like to think it was my angel, maybe with some others, folding their wings over the men to keep them safe!
Do you believe in angels? I most certainly do! :O)


  1. Lovely post! I definitely believe in angels.. A few years ago I took a 10 week course on connecting with your personal angel. It was so enriching. I always look out for feathers in unusual places, birds coming abnormally close, lots of angel signs. I now know mine personally, always with me, always keeping me safe. It's nice to know someone walks by your side at every moment. Makes you feel less alone.
    Love your blog.
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  2. I do too, yes!The good in us. No wonder we are happy. I'm sure quite a few who claim they don't secretly do too:)

  3. I know I neglect to check, and to post often enough, but your comments are really appreciated! :O)